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Five Stone Tiara Style Ring

By 4 October 2021November 29th, 2022No Comments
Dean Francis
Dean Francis
Dean Francis
Dean Francis



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Glittering in 18k gold, this gorgeous multi stone Ethica Diamond engagement ring is as beautiful as it is intricate. At first glance, it is a stunning five stone ring fit for a princess, featuring a central 1.0ct round brilliant and four pear cut Ethica Diamonds (diamond alternative).

However, this ring holds some magical and sparkling secrets. The five four claw settings of the stones are held up by a dazzling bridge of melee Ethica Diamonds and on closer inspection, a tiny river of melee stones runs just under the setting of the centre diamond. The inside band also hides two delicate gems, with sapphire and topaz set within for just the ring wearer to see. These represent the birthstones of the couple, giving this ring an extra special touch of personalisation and romance.

As mentioned, this ring was set with Ethica Diamonds however lab grown diamonds are available. Simply ask for more information on the different stones we can offer or read more here.

  • Lab-grown gemstones or diamonds
  • Hand crafted in the UK
  • No cartel pricing
  • 100% ethically-sourced
  • Free Worldwide shipping
  • Interest-free credit available

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