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Cartier Inspired Bespoke Ring

By 31 May 2022June 6th, 2022No Comments
Cartier Inspired
Cartier Inspired
Cartier Inspired
Cartier Inspired
Cartier Inspired



Ethica Divider

Inspired by the iconic engagement ring of Hollywood film star, Angelina Jolie, this ring is a decadent beauty of tapering baguette lab-grown stones, creating an aura of pure luxury and opulence, without the environmental and financial cost. With a total carat weight of 4.0ct, this ring will certainly turn heads! The classic shape of the emerald Ethica Diamonds gives an art deco style, and the perfectly tapering shape of the baguette stones is incredibly aesthetic, allowing for a smooth river of stones to run half way around the entire band of the ring. 

This ring was set with our Ethica Diamond, a lab-grown gemstone. However, we can set our pieces using lab-grown diamonds, supplied by producers at the forefront of sustainable diamond growing. Simply ask for more information on the different stones we can offer or read more here.

We use either partially recycled precious metals or Fairtrade Foundation certified 18k gold for all of our jewellery.

  • Lab-grown gemstones or diamonds
  • Hand crafted in the UK
  • No cartel pricing
  • 100% ethically-sourced
  • Free Worldwide shipping
  • Interest-free credit available

Feeling Inspired?

If you are ready to start your own journey with us, then get in touch! We can create a piece of bespoke jewellery especially for you, set with our carbon neutral lab-grown diamonds from Diamond Foundry or the Ethica Diamond alternative. Simply fill in this form and we will work with you to create your perfect piece of Kind, not Mined jewellery.

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