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Our Portfolio

Founded in 2010, Ethica Diamonds is the market leader in ethical fine jewellery. Our mission is to make jewellery as beautiful as it can be. We are passionate about cultivating a more transparent, sustainable, and compassionate jewellery industry.

We enjoy working closely with our clients to create truly unique and timeless pieces, either by developing an idea together or working to a specific design. From crafting a one-of-a-kind engagement ring to making statement pendant for a special occasion, we are highly experienced in creating bespoke jewellery. Explore some of our previous commissions in our portfolio.

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'In a growing global diamond market, the future looks sparkling for Diamond Foundry's above-ground stones'

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I'm proud to invest in Diamond Foundry Inc. - sustainably growing diamonds in America without the human and environmental toll of mining.

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Feeling Inspired?

If you are ready to start your own journey with us, then get in touch! We can create a piece of bespoke jewellery especially for you, set with our carbon neutral lab-grown diamonds from Diamond Foundry or the Ethica Diamond alternative. Simply fill in this form and we will work with you to create your perfect piece of Kind, not Mined jewellery.

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