Ethica Diamonds was founded by mother and daughter a little over 10 years ago in 2010. In the first years, Elaine worked alone from her small office at home, laying the foundations which involved a great deal of educating consumers about the disadvantages of diamond mining, the associated harm that is caused by it and guiding a new concept in diamond jewellery. Her mission was to develop a sustainable brand that would fulfil those who were seeking a better way;  environmentally friendly, diamond and gemstone jewellery that is honestly ethical and a kinder way to purchase meaningful jewellery in a modern world.

Emily joined in 2016 and Elaine and Emily ran every aspect of this online shop and as they became even busier,  they finally realised that more help was required! 

After rebranding in 2019 to Ethica Diamonds and opening the beautiful Truro boutique showroom in the heart of Cornwall, Ethica has now grown into a hearty team of talented people;, including multi skilled customer service staff, in-house photographer, social media specialists and their own jewellery designer.

Ethica Diamonds Bespoke Fine Jewellery was launched to bring the most sustainable lab-grown diamonds and lab-grown stones on the planet to you. 

Our brand focuses on sustainable production and conscious sourcing. We support ethical UK manufacturers, factories and local artisans to make beautiful, meaningful jewellery that you will treasure for years to come.  We strive to work with partners in our industry that share the same values as we do, transparency in supply chains and working towards zero waste which is the key to a sustainable future. 


Fairtrade Foundation Registered Goldsmith

We are a Fairtrade Foundation Registered Jeweller, sourcing gold which supports a secure future for miners, their families and communities. We can also recycle gold or platinum to use in our bespoke pieces, meaning that no new surface metal needs to be mined which is not ethically sourced.